September 25, 2023
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Cat Paw Print – Cutest Nope in History

Single cat paw print in snow next to the doorstep, meaning the cat went back in as it does not like the cold snow - we can still see the black tail moving towards the inside of the house
Paw Print(s) in The Snow Cutest 'nope' ever! ??Do your cats like the snow or rather stay at home? The one's I know are not too much into cold & wet. However after having recharged on the warm windowsill or next to the heater for like 20 hours, sometimes a 5 minute walk in the snow becomes a possibility. ?Felini...

Felini Cat Meditation

Cat Meditating in Yoga Position Floating in Sky
Cats & Meditation Cat's don't meditate... or are they meditating? Ommm ommm... nom nom nom ? We are heading toward that supposedly contemplative time again - Christmas. But end up rushing around getting presents for those more or less beloved family reunions.Time to stop and take a good look at our kitty cats - one of my favorite quotes...

Tiny Autumn Kitty Cat

Tiny black cat curled up on yellow autumn leaf
Mini Felini cat curls up on an autumn leaf - cute! It's about that time again to snuggle up, turn into a furry ball and prepare for the longest of naps... Fall! Not sure why they call it that - I hope nobody tripps and falls. Must be because of the falling leaves then - the leave colors are...

I fix ’em!

Repair Kitty Felini
Retro gamer Felini cat turns into pc geek - or is he? Oh noes ? my computer exploded just when I was about to finish this level! No worries - if life gives you lemons, make lemonade! ? https://youtu.be/fn06FhiWzVo Watch Felini the Kitty "fix" his pc and ace the level in his dreams ?? Ah well, after all Felini...

Valentine’s Day Fur Heart

Valentines Cat Felini
Happy Valentines Day from Felini the Cat! Sending love and peace to all kitties out there

Happy New Year 2020!

Happy New Year 2020, Felini the cat pushing 2019 off the table
Felini the Cat wishes Meowy Catmas! Have fun wrecking the Christmas tree ;)

Cat In The Hat: X-mas

Happy Christmas Tree Wrecking sais Felini
Felini the Cat wishes Meowy Catmas! Have fun wrecking the Christmas tree ;)

FeLiNe – Iron, Lithium and Neon!

Feline cat chemistry with Felini the Cat
FeLiNe Cat Chemistry Anybody remember chemistry? Felines are super strong being made of Iron, Lithium and their eyes glow in the dark because of Neon! ...and Nickel! Felini is a special kind of course. His cat chemistry works a bit different - eyes do glow in the dark too but his secret power comes from his additional Nickel elements. ? Fe...

Cat In The Hat: Halloween

Trick or Treating Felini the Cat in Witches Hat Black cat in the hat - the witches hat. Just in time for the pumpkin celebrations... Happy Halloween! ??? Happy Halloween! Felini loves hanging out in his witches hat. Feeling all magical. Halloween is one of his favorite holiday as you get to hang out during nighttime = cat party time. ? Here's...

Catpawcino, Coffee Cat!

cup cat catpawcino
Felini cat drank your cappuccino ;) Espresso? Coffee? Mocha? Catpawcino! After having had a delicious creamy cappuccino, Felini makes himself comfy in the still warm cup. Maybe a bit sorry for not sharing ;) Cat + Cappuccino = Catpawcino. Here's an earlier version, still a cute coffee cat. Coffee Cat v0.5 This is to all cat & coffee lovers out there ? As you know...

Cat Sunset Jump

Felini the cat jumps on top of beautiful sunset
Felini's Loves The Beach... ... if the water doesn't get too close ;) Felini says good bye sun. See you tomorrow! Bye bye beautiful summer break vacation. It was a lot of fun :) Still wishing everybody Happy Summer Holidays! Good Bye Sun - See You Tomorrow! Felini doesn't care too much for water, but the beach is ok! And now it's...

Cat with Sunglasses

Felini the Cat wearing Sunglasses on the beach
Felini's Cool Cat Shades Cat sunglasses are pretty rare ... Felini found some nice and fitting ones. Dressing up as a cool cat (he of course always is), wishing you an awesome summer break. Happy Summer Holidays! Keep Cool Kitty! Felini doesn't care too much for water, but the beach is ok! Eyes protected he can enjoy the warm summer sun on...

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