April 11, 2021
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Wolf Ralf ? Vintage Pfft

Rare find - this is the long lost contact sheet of photographic pioneer Eadweard Muybridge showing his poopomotion analysis of wolf Ralf. https://youtu.be/q13iu_gGhX8?list=PLVcdpaFXNK2FETaFpYSWILQdwb9Ubrb8M Original footage from 1899 of Wolf Ralf, all other versions are digitally remastered and hand colored!

Wolf Ralf ? Uranium Flakes

Wolf Ralf broke into our lab again and ate all the uranium flakes... now it's not only his eyes glowing in the dark. Other than that he's fine... and full of energy ;) https://youtu.be/P0d59BZU1gQ?list=PLVcdpaFXNK2FETaFpYSWILQdwb9Ubrb8M  

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