September 23, 2023
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Cute and Funny Pictures of Felini the Cat

Felini in Huffy Fluffy

Felini the Kitty cat staring at his bowl of cat food
Huffy ? Fluffy Felini cat checks out over the balcony - but why? Please don't go ... nooo! Don't worry, our beloved huffy fluffy kitty is doing all right - landed ninja cat-like on all fours. As most kitty cats, he's just a fussy eater sometimes ? How would your kitty react being served the wrong cat food? Balcony...

Seriously? Felini the Kitty Emoji

Felini cat head sticker looking suspiciously, equivalent to the raised eye brow emoji
? Are you serious? ? Felini cat is suspicious. Seriously? You want to sell me this stinky, disgusting mash as cat food? ?Do you know this moment when somebody tells you something you are almost sure isn't true? Haha, it makes me very uncomfortable as I am quite an agreeable person trying to hold back with remarks like...

Felini kitty cat – Happy Birthday!

Felini Cat Head with Birthday Cupcat and Candle on his Head on purple party background
Happy Birthday Kitty ?? Felini cat wishes you a happy & relaxing Birthday! ...if it's your Birthday today. If not Felini wishes a very merry Unbirthday to you - or just bookmark Felini's Birthday page and come back here on your Birthday ?Fun fact: September 9th ranks #1, being the most common birthday throughout the world. Scroll down for...

Felini Kitty Shirt & Shop Interview

Felini Kitty is wearing a cat shirt with Felini sticking tongue out saying Nobody Owns A Cat!
Today we'll be looking at a new design with Felini the Kitty - Nodbody Owns a Cat! Also there's an interview with Felini and me about Felini Shop. Have fun! Are we all cat owners... or servants? ? Nobdoy owns a cat! Haha, I hope human Felini makes you giggle too, wearing his own face on a shirt! ? The...

Felini the Kitty – Happy Easter

Felini Kitty With Big Easter Egg in Mouth on green Background
Happy Easter Egg Hunt! Felini the kitty found an Easter egg! Happy Easter to all egg hunting cats and kids! ??? Do your cats love Easter too? When the whole family keeps crawling through the garden on their knees, all looking for that one missing egg or chocolate Easter bunny? ? Fount It! It's the egg Felini kitty chicken laid himsef...

Felini kitty – Happy Holi

Felini Kitty is a happy cat with a red dot on the forehead celebrating holi the festival of colors
? Happy Holi Cat! ? Felini cat wishes a happy and colorful Holi to all Indian kitties and all Hindus and colorlovers (and colourlovers) out there! ??I always love seeing pictures and videos from the Festival of Colours! It must be an awesome experience being part of it... Might need a couple of wash cycles to get rid of the...

Tongue Out Tuesday at Felini’s

Felini the Kitty sticking out his cat tongue wishing a Happy Tongue Out Tuesday - Fruit Loops in the Background
? Happy Tongue Out Tuesday ? Felini wishes happy tongue out every other day too! ? Enjoy Felini Kitty Blowing A Cute Raspberry Fart ?? Nobody Owns A Cat Felini sticking out his tongue as if saying: "Nobody owns a cat!" ? Do you agree? Cats are the most gentle and graceful animals on the planet - but they are very...

Felini Kitty St. Patrick’s Day Cat

Felini the Irish Kitty Cat in a green Hat with shamrock
Happy St. Patty's ?☘ Yay, it's St. Catrick's day - time to celebrate all our Irish kitty friends! ? Felini is an Irish Kitty Cat in the Hat Shamrock or clover? When looking for the plant Felini should carry in his mouth, I have learned that a clover must have three leaves to be considered a shamrock. If the clover has more or...

Free Felini Kitty Cat Wallpapers

Multiple Modern Phones With Felini the Cat Wallpaper Screens
Free Felini the Kitty Wallpapers - yay! Finally I got around to turning some of my favorite Felini images into backgrounds for your devices. Hope you like them! Let me know if your favorite Felini image is not available yet - I might be able to make it happen for you. ?? Is this your new phone background? ? Have a...

Felini Cat Dressed in Spring Flowers

Happy Black Cat Head with Flower Band in circle of wildflowers
Felini is the Goddess of Spring Is it spring yet? Be gone snow & welcome warmth! ? Wishing every sub-urban kitty cat a great start into gardening season. Remember Felini sitting behind a frozen window in winter? That's the past - now it's time for ... Beautiful Felini Spring Kitty Disney`s Goddess of Spring Anybody remember the Disney short Goddess of Spring? Probably not...

Valentine’s Day Kitty Cat

Cute Black Cat Felini kissing pose with hearts coming out his mouth, letters saying Happy Valentine's Day
Felini sends love to lovers and loners! Happy Valentine's Day to all kitties and everybody else in need of a kiss & a hug ? You are pawesome! Felini Cat has a rose for you! Always remember: You are not only pawesome but also purrrfect ?? No matter your marital status or preferences... My cat is my valentine! Felini Flash Back Valentines...

Felini Cat says HNY 2021

Black Cat Felini with year 2021 written in golden letters, glitter and lights in the air
Happy New Year ! Let's get 2020 over with, shall we? ?Welcome 2021 ? Hope it's the year where the virus is beaten and we can go back to "normal" in most parts of our lives. I'm just a cat - still this home office is pretty annoying, having people at home all day ? Crazy Kitty New Year's Wishes Wishing...

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