Felini Cat Dressed in Spring Flowers


Felini is the Goddess of Spring

Is it spring yet? Be gone snow & welcome warmth! ? Wishing every sub-urban kitty cat a great start into gardening season.

felini turbofluff behind frozen glass window

Remember Felini sitting behind a frozen window in winter? That’s the past – now it’s time for …

Beautiful Felini Spring Kitty

Cute & Funny Famous Cat Felini dressed up as Flower Girl

Disney`s Goddess of Spring

Anybody remember the Disney short Goddess of Spring? Probably not from back then but it’s a funny little clip – made as a prelude and animation test for Snow White. Here’s a review of Goddess of Spring.

It’s got cute moments but also some quirky funny ones. As an animator it’s interesting to see how Disney were testing animation styles from closely lifelike almost rotoscoping to almost goofy dancing like this one:

Is it Spring Yet Meme

Haha, I just found a few pictures re a “is it spring yet” meme 😀

Sounds like a kitty crime blockbuster story
I love Spongebob – and of course Gary his “meow” snail

Cat Godess Of Spring #2

Just a background variation I liked that didn’t make it to the top of the list

Felini’s Loveletter

This kitty cat head foreshadows a new series I’m working on of Felini cat emojis ? Here’s a little sneek peek:

Felini the Kitty Emojis: Kissing cat with 2 hearts, laughting with closed eyes and tears, tongue out blblbl
exclusive preview 😀 of Felini Emoticons to come

That’s it for today. Let me know your thoughts and suggestions in the comments below. Hope you enjoyed.

There is already a few emoji items available at Felini.shop ?


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