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Tongue Out Tuesday at Felini’s

Tongue Out Tuesday at Felini’s

? Happy Tongue Out Tuesday ?

Felini wishes happy tongue out every other day too! ? Enjoy Felini Kitty Blowing A Cute Raspberry Fart ??

Felini the Kitty sticking out his cat tongue wishing a Happy Tongue Out Tuesday - Fruit Loops in the Background
Cute & Funny Famous Cat Felini wishes Happy Tongue Out Tuesday!

Nobody Owns A Cat

Felini sticking out his tongue as if saying: “Nobody owns a cat!” ? Do you agree? Cats are the most gentle and graceful animals on the planet – but they are very self sufficient too and rarely accept anybody as their master. Thus Felini the Kitty is giving us the ‘Bronx Cheer’ and keeps doing whatever he wants… Actually he’s working on more kitty emojis right now – read more below. Enjoy this tonguey post and let me know what you think! ?

Kitty Raspberry Fart

I liked the fruit loops making just a bit crazy background, fitting Felini’s funny face. Because of the “raspberry fart” I had used some raspberries as background at first.

Felini the Kitty sticking out his cat tongue wishing a Happy Tongue Out Tuesday - Raspberries in the Background
Felini the kitty sticks his cute cat tongue out for Tongue Out Tuesday

More Tongue Out Tuesday

Let’s keep showing your tongues – Happy Tongue Out Tuesday to all kitties and other pets with tongues ??


For Germans the hashtag #tot might be a bit offputting (meaning ‘dead’), but it actually stands for ‘tongue out tuesday’ outlined e.g. in the urban dictionary #TOT.

Making Of Felini the Kitty

I want to add more making of images here, to give you some background info and make it more worthwhile for everybody to check in a Felini.rocks. Enjoy!
On this one Felini’s cat body suddenly disappeared, just leaving his tongue and eyes behind – fitting to tongue out tuesday. For the geeks: It must have been some alembic reference loosing the geomety link ? Still kinda cute, huh?

Felini Cat Hardware Preview of Eyes and Tongue only
Felini’s Eyes And Tongue (in Software called Maya)

Kitty Cat Emoji Stickers

Felini’s head sticking out his tongue is going to be part of a series of kitty head emoticons. I might send an email when they are available as stickers for your favorite messenger platform – make sure to sign up for Felini’s Loveletter ? to not miss the launch.

So far only a few kitty emojis are available at Felini’s shop:

That’s it for today ? seeya!


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