Seriously? Felini the Kitty Emoji


? Are you serious? ?

Felini cat is suspicious. Seriously? You want to sell me this stinky, disgusting mash as cat food? ?

Do you know this moment when somebody tells you something you are almost sure isn’t true? Haha, it makes me very uncomfortable as I am quite an agreeable person trying to hold back with remarks like ‘you are talking out of your ass’. Which is good sometimes as I might be missing some important information to appreciate the truth in what has been said. However, at other times we do have to stand tall & fight for the truth by giving someone a suspicious eyebrow! ?

Felini cat head sticker looking suspiciously, equivalent to the raised eye brow emoji
Oh yeah?

This cool Felini kitty sticker is part of a series of (as of today) 58 cat stickers that a I am going to make available for free on as many messenger platforms as possible: Signal, Telegram and Whatsapp for sure. Also looking for ways to get them into facebook, gboard and imessage. Keep your fingers crossed i can figure out a way to make it happen – I’ll do my best. ??

Anybody using Viber, weChat, Skype or any other platform that I should try to serve, too? Let me know.

Raised Eyebrow Emoji – Seriously?

Emoji Meaning – A yellow face with a flat, neutral mouth and furrowed eyebrows, its left raised higher than its right. Conveys a wide variety of sentiments, including suspicion, skepticism, concern, consideration, disbelief, and disapproval.

Its expression has notably been likened to the signature look of comedian Stephen Colbert as well as actor/wrestler Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Read about & find more emojis on Emojipedia…

Serious Designs Featuring Felini’s Sticker

Here`s a cool design with our emoji – seriously? Just for the toughest cats!

Enjoy a ton of products featuring the Felini's suspicious look and the word Srsly = Seriously
Srsly designs at

Related Emojis

A set of 3 Felini Emojis with a smirk, a sceptic and an annoyed expression
Smirk, Screptical & Annoyed!

So far we did have cat emoticon blog posts on Happy Birthday, Valentine’s Kiss, Tongue Out Tuesday, Colors of India, Ireland, Spring Flowers and an Easter Egg!

Felini on Signal!

Grab your free Stickers for Signal here:

Check out the official announcement post on twitter:

Funny Faces in Huffy Fluffy

Just as a side note, I’m working on a new clip for Felini (somewhat related to the first line in this post) – here’s a first sneek peek at one of the shots. It’s going to be called Huffy Fluffy, Fluffy Huffy or something with iffy in the name. Hope you like this behind the scenes video. I might make more of them in the future for you to get a closer look into Felini’s home:

Felini Making Of

Kitty Cat Emoji Stickers

As mentioned Felini’s suspicious looks are going to be part of a series of kitty head emoticons. I might send an email when they are available as stickers for your favorite messenger platform – make sure to sign up for Felini’s Loveletter ? to not miss the launch.

Current Status of the Felini Cat Emoji Sticker Project

That’s it for today. Meow & see you next time!


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