July 27, 2021
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Felini says Happy Meoween!

Happy Meoween with Witch

Happy Meoween to all yous creaturez out sere! ? I Hope you like this photo. Let me know your thoughts and ideas in the comments. The meoween video also received a little update :) https://til5.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/Felini_funnyCat_HalloweenGreetings_2018_3to4-social.mp4   Just by...
Felini wants to be friends with a dog

Felini =^..^= ~ Animal Friends

=^..^= ~ Can cats and dogs be animal friends? What do you think? 🐾 I am sorry that I ate all your food, took your favorite sleeping...
Felini funny cat reads newspaper article on politics

Catucation – Politics

=^..^= ~ Meowhaaat??? ? ? Politics! ? This is me reading more clearly... and giving you a questioning look: Let me know what you think about this picture in the comments below. ? Just by watching and sharing Felini's...
Funny Cat Felini plays at the FIFA world cup 2018

FiFa World Cat

=^..^= ~ Me wins sis world cup ? I is really enthusiasticat in sis one: ...but at first, i was more scatical Let me know what you think about this picture in the comments below. ? Just...
Felini funny cat stays dry in rain

Rain Rain Rain

=^..^= ~ Raining cats and dogs again. Glad I got my servant with umbrella ? Let me know what you think about this picture in the comments below. ? Just by watching and sharing...
Felini says Happy Easter!

Happy Easter Pic

=^..^= ~ A hip and a hop A giggle and a plop An egg I did lay To brighten up your day! ? ... Happy Easter! Celebrate & relax! ... and don't eat too many chocolate eggs -...
Felini introduces the cat formula

Feline Theory

=^..^= ~  Introducing Feline Theory (c=a*t) Mourning the loss of Stephen Hawking Wishing everybody a happy Pi day!…feeling overwhelmed by all those emotions  In memory of one of the greatest thinkers of our times –...
Felini is marble cake

Marble Cat Cake

Fluffy fuzzy cat cake is the best! Is your cat more the round cake or bread loaf type?Let me know in the comments below :) =^..^= ~ I iz marble cake...
Charging Felini

Charging Cat

=^..^= ~ charging... charging... charging Cat. Fully charged! 😺 Seems like it worked... Hm, where does the cable go? Have you charged your cat today? I iz full and ready to...
Felini funny cat - Lazy Caturday Afternoon

Lazy Caturday Afternoon

Lazy Cat urday Afternoon 😺 =^..^= ~ Do you have a lazy cat at home too? What did you get up to on the weekend? Hugs to all other couch...
Felini - Ode to Red Dot

Poem: Ode to Dot

Typing Cat Video Cute cat video of Felini typing a loveletter to the laser pointer 😽💕       https://youtu.be/FCEJU5-y_Lw     😻 Roses are redSo is the dotLaser pointer I like youa lot! I Hope you...
Felini cat - type heart

Typewriter Heart

=^..^= ~ I is ghost writer 😺 Can you spot the poem? Or make out a few words of it? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Valentine's greetings to all...

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