September 23, 2023
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Felini the Kitty cat staring at his bowl of cat food

Felini in Huffy Fluffy

Huffy ? Fluffy Felini cat checks out over the balcony - but why? Please don't go ... nooo! Don't worry, our beloved huffy fluffy kitty is doing all right - landed...
Black Cat Felini with year 2021 written in golden letters, glitter and lights in the air

Felini Cat says HNY 2021

Happy New Year ! Let's get 2020 over with, shall we? ?Welcome 2021 ? Hope it's the year where the virus is beaten and we can go back to "normal" in most...
Single cat paw print in snow next to the doorstep, meaning the cat went back in as it does not like the cold snow - we can still see the black tail moving towards the inside of the house

Cat Paw Print – Cutest Nope in History

Paw Print(s) in The Snow Cutest 'nope' ever! ??Do your cats like the snow or rather stay at home? The one's I know are not too much into cold & wet. However...

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