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Felini kitty – Happy Holi

Felini kitty – Happy Holi

? Happy Holi Cat! ?

Felini cat wishes a happy and colorful Holi to all Indian kitties and all Hindus and colorlovers (and colourlovers) out there! ??
I always love seeing pictures and videos from the Festival of Colours! It must be an awesome experience being part of it… Might need a couple of wash cycles to get rid of the powder afterward, so most cats would probably try to avoid it. ?

Felini Kitty is a happy cat with a red dot on the forehead celebrating holi the festival of colors

Let’s keep our fingers crossed this coronavirus will be defeated soon so the festivities can be once again celebrated as they were meant to be. ?‍??

The Red Dot

Cats love chasing the red dot – aka laser pointers. It actually looked like someone pointed a laser gun at Felini’s head at first, also in the video below ? But I think it’s ok now, resembling the bindi well enough. Read more about the red dot and an interesting usage idea.

Felini With Indian Decoration Sitting Among Color Dust From The Holi Festival

Usually I’m not posting too much about myself but if you feel inspired, here’s a shot of me checking out my new bindi dot. There’s a few more pictures at flickr of my trip to India, back in 2013 ? Unfortunatley we missed the Festival of Colors. Still, it was a lot of fun, intense and colorful – thank you beautiful India ??

Til Vogt in India with Bindi Dot
Til with Red Dot… and Cat T-Shirt

Felini’s Holi Greeting Video

Check out the Holi post from a while back at Felini.rocks. It’s a fun read including some thoghts and a video about the Indian head nod. Enjoy the according Holi cat video right here:

Beautiful India

A few more impressions and insights about Holi.

Felini Kitty is a happy cat with a red dot on the forehead celebrating holi the festival of colors

Making Of Felini the Kitty

I’m using After Effects for compositing Felini’s renders. Even though a bit slow sometimes it’s a nice piece of software and a bargain (as included in Adobe’s Creative Suite) compared to Nuke or some other professional compositing tools. And I’ve been using it since 1997, so it just feels like home ?

After Effects Screen Shot Felini Happy Holi
Felini’s Happy Holi Clip and ‘Color’ Dust (in Software called Adobe After Effects)

Kitty Cat Emoji Stickers

Felini’s happy Indian head is going to be part of a series of kitty head emoticons. I might send an email when they are available as stickers for your favorite messenger platform – make sure to sign up for Felini’s Loveletter ? to not miss the launch.

Here`s a lovely crop top shirt with the Indian kitty design:

That’s it for today ? seeya!


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