Felini Kitty St. Patrick’s Day Cat


Happy St. Patty’s

?☘ Yay, it’s St. Catrick’s day – time to celebrate all our Irish kitty friends! ?

Felini is an Irish Kitty Cat in the Hat

Felini the Irish Kitty Cat in a green Hat with shamrock
Cute & Funny Famous Cat Felini in Green Hat With Shamrock Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day

Shamrock or clover?

When looking for the plant Felini should carry in his mouth, I have learned that a clover must have three leaves to be considered a shamrock. If the clover has more or less, then it is not a shamrock. Hence, all shamrocks are clovers, but not all clovers are shamrocks. Read more about the difference in meaning in regards to Irish mythology here.

St. Patrick’s Day Greetings From the Past

Enjoy Felini’s St. Catrick’s Day animation form a little while back:


This is Felini’s St. Catrick’s Day Post from back then: https://felini.rocks/videos/st-catricks-day/

Just a few more St. Patty’s Memes for you

…kitty and animation related of course.

That’s it for today – don’t drink and drive ? Enjoy St. Catrick’s Day and treat your kitty cat!


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